Threat! Do not force Russia, otherwise we will stop gas supply, crude oil will reach $ 300

New Delhi | Russia Ukraine War: Russia, determined to destroy Ukraine completely, has once again warned America and European countries. Russia has threatened America and Europe, which are preparing to impose sanctions on oil supply, saying that now they should be ready to buy crude oil for $ 300.

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Crude oil prices may reach $ 300 per barrel
Russia Ukraine War: Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak warned America and Europe that if America and the European Union are thinking of imposing sanctions on oil supply on us, then buy Western countries at a price of $ 300 per barrel. Get ready for Any such ban will have a big impact on the international level. Let us tell you that Russia accounts for 8 percent of the global crude supply, while Europe has a 30 percent share in the supply.

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Ukraine Russia War :

Ukraine Russia War :

Do not force Russia, will stop gas supply
With this, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak has given another big warning to European countries, saying that their gas supply should be stopped. He said that, if anyone is thinking of imposing sanctions on Russia’s energy supply, then Russia will also stop gas pipeline supply to Germany. If Europe wants to stop buying oil from us, it will have to be prepared to buy expensive oil. If European countries do something like this, then Russia will be forced to do the same.

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