This year IPO of 63 companies made investors rich! Companies raised 1.18 lakh crore

IPO News: 63 companies in the primary market this year have so far raised a record Rs 1,18,704 crore through their initial public offerings (IPOs). According to a report by Prime Database, the figure raised from the IPO is 4.5 times higher than the previous year. In the year 2020, 15 companies had raised Rs 26,613 crore through IPO. At the same time, against the Rs 68,827 crore raised from IPO in the year 2017, almost double the amount has been raised so far this year.

retail companies participated
Pranav Haldia, managing director of Prime Database Group, said the IPO boom was led by new-age loss-making technology start-ups. Retail companies also participated enthusiastically in this.

63 companies raised money
This year, out of the total Rs 2,02,009 crore raised by 63 companies from the market, only 51 per cent i.e. Rs 1,03,621 crore was fresh capital. The remaining Rs 98,388 crore was raised through old sale offers.

Paytm brought 18300 crore IPO
Haldia said the biggest IPO of Rs 18,300 crore so far this year was of Paytm’s parent company One97 Communications. After this, online food delivery company Zomato had an IPO of Rs 9,300 crore. The average IPO issue so far this year stood at Rs 1,884 crore.

IPO of 59 companies will come
According to the report, out of the IPOs of 59 companies, 36 companies were subscribed ten times, out of which the IPOs of six companies were also subscribed up to 100 times. At the same time, eight IPOs got more than three times subscription while IPOs of the remaining 15 companies got subscribed one to three times.


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