This year, apart from message reaction, chat transfer, these features can be found on WhatsApp


Whatsapp 2022 Features: WhatsApp was busy 2021 with some major updates and features as well as criticism and feedback from users and even governments. But WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app worldwide with over 2.5 billion active users.

In 2021, WhatsApp introduced new features like voice and video calling on desktop, chat transfer from iOS to Android, disappearing photos and videos, sticker maker tool and much more. It also regularly tests the service and some of which can be used by WhatsApp beta users. Any new update or feature on WhatsApp is always in the news and at least in terms of new features, the app is expected to remain in the headlines even in 2022.

Message Reactions

Message Reaction will be a major update for WhatsApp, even though the feature is already available on the social media app. WhatsApp has been found while testing how to react to messages in chat. This feature will let you react with emoji and currently, six emoji reactions have been confirmed. You will also be able to see which emoji reacted to your message.


Community on WhatsApp is another big feature to be launched soon. This feature will allow users to group different WhatsApp groups together into a single community. According to the report, WhatsApp will allow you to add 10 groups together in a community. There will be an Announce section which will be for admin only through which a message can be sent and all the groups in the community will get it. Communities will also have a square icon with rounded edges, as opposed to group chat icons that are rounded.

Android To iOS Chat Transfer

WhatsApp this year introduced a feature – chat transfer between iOS and Android. You can transfer your chat history from your iPhone to Android device. While this is great, there is no device to transfer WhatsApp chats from your Android phone to iPhone. But WhatsApp is working on this feature and it is expected to roll out soon.

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Sticker Store

Stickers are big on WhatsApp but this feature is not easily available on desktop and web apps. But WhatsApp has added the sticker store to the beta version of its desktop app. Earlier, you couldn’t access the Sticker Store, which contains the original WhatsApp sticker packs. It is available on beta app for now, but it is expected that WhatsApp will make it widely available soon. WhatsApp also launched its sticker maker tool for desktop and web apps.

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More Control For Admins

WhatsApp group chat gives more control to the administrator and it is planning to expand it. Group chat admins on WhatsApp will soon be able to delete any messages sent by members. If a message has been deleted by a group admin, everyone in the group will be notified. This will be different from a disappearing message as group admins can access it whenever they want.

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Businesses Nearby

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will make it easier for users to search for business on the app. in the search toolBusinesses NearbyThere will be a new section called ” and you will get to see filters like Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Shopping, and more. It’s like filters for Images, Videos, GIFs on WhatsApp.



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