This way your iPhone will be easily unlocked without entering password

iPhone 13 Trick: iPhone is famous for its unique features as well as privacy and security features, but sometimes this feature also becomes a cause of trouble for people. Actually, if your iPhone is locked and you forget the details of your Apple ID, then in this situation you are not able to do anything even if you want. You have the option of getting it unlocked from an expert or service center itself. But with a trick to solve this problem, your friend will easily unlock your phone without a password. Let us know what is this special feature and how it works.

This feature will work only in phones with iOS 15

Before understanding how this feature works, you should know which phone it is for. The company has released this feature with the iOS 15 update. That is, apart from iPhone 13, it will work in every phone with iOS 15 software. The company has named this feature as ‘Recovery Contacts’.

Turn on this setting like this

To take advantage of this feature named Recovery Contacts, you will have to make some changes in your iPhone’s settings. Let’s know that way.

  • First of all go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Here at the top you will see your Apple ID. Click on your ID.
  • After this, by clicking on the option with Password and Security, select the option of account recovery.
  • Now you will see add account recovery contact option. Here you enter the name and number of that friend or relative. With the help of which you want to unlock the phone in future on emergency.
  • In this way you will complete step one of this unique feature.

In this way friend will be able to unlock

Now that you have changed the settings in your phone for this feature, then you must be wondering how that friend or relative of yours can unlock your phone. Let’s know this method.

  • If your iPhone is locked and you want to unlock it, then now contact the friend or relative whose name you have put in the recovery contact.
  • Now that person has to go to the settings of his iPhone or iPad. There he has to click on his Apple ID.
  • Here he has to go to the option of Password and Security.
  • On clicking here, he will get the option of account recovery.
  • Now it will get an option to generate a special recovery code here, through which you will be able to unlock or recover your locked iPhone.

keep these things in mind

However, before trying this feature, also understand that be more careful while choosing the recovery contact. Here enter the name of the one whom you trust and who cannot miss you. In the recovery contact, you can enter the name of anyone who is over 13 years old and has an iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 software.

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