This player wore such a dress that the umpire stopped the match

Ruckus over Italian tennis star Camilla Giorgi’s dress

Italian tennis star Camilla Giorgi, who has modeled underwear, is once again in the headlines due to her clothes. In fact, during a match, the umpire asked Camilla to change her dress for the French Open. However, Camilla refused to change the dress. He said that he has only one dress available. The umpire then allowed the match to be completed.

Let us tell you that this whole controversy was about the advertisement on Camilla’s dress. According to the umpire, his size was big. So the umpire asked him to change the dress. On this, the tennis star told that she has only one dress available. At the same time, he said that he played the last match also wearing it. The umpire then allowed him to complete the match. However, he had to go for disciplinary action after the match.

Talking about the match, world number-30th player Camilla won the match 4-6, 6-1, 6-0 against Sabalenka. Let us tell you that Camila also does underwear modeling and is also quite popular on Instagram. Her hot pictures had created panic in the tennis world.

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