This new scam running on WhatsApp is deceiving people, thus be careful with this

WhatsApp Scam Alert: WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world. You will see this app in almost every smartphone. Today it has become very useful not only for communication but also for office work, business etc. At the same time, fraudsters are also taking advantage of this. Often thugs cheat people through WhatsApp by running different methods and campaigns. One such game of cheating is going on on WhatsApp these days. Many people have been cheated by this scam named Friend in Need. Let us know what this scam is and how it can be avoided.

what is scam

In this scam, thugs implicate different users as their friends. Thugs send messages to you from your friend’s ID. In this he tells you that I am stuck somewhere outside and need money to go home. A man helps a friend or his relative by thinking that he is in trouble. In this way your account gets hacked. This type of fraud is happening a lot in the United Kingdom right now. According to a report, many such cases have come to the fore. A large number of users are also reporting about this.

Thugs targeting mother in most cases

In this Metro report, it has been said that most of the cases in this scam are such in which thugs target women who have children. They send a message of help from their child’s ID because there is a mother in front and she feels that her child is in trouble, so she sends money immediately. According to the National Trading Standards, 59 percent of users living in the United Kingdom have received messages from this scam.

WhatsApp issued alert

WhatsApp has also issued an alert to its users regarding this scam. They have been asked to ignore such messages. In any case, an appeal has also been made not to share your banking details with such people.

play like this

According to cyber experts, hackers first hack the accounts of your friends or acquaintances in such cases, after that they send messages to the people involved in your contacts and trap them.

take this caution

  • If any such message comes, then ignore it.
  • If you really have someone of your own in trouble and he needs help, then he can also call you. Wait for such call.
  • Keep in mind here that this does not mean that you should say yes to the help on the call without thinking. Calling can also be fraud. So you need to be alert.
  • Whenever such a message or call comes and you are confused, then verify some things from the front. It could be something that is associated with you and the real person with that ID. The fraudster will not be aware of this and his theft can be caught.
  • Even if you pay attention to such messages, do not share your personal information, banking related information and important documents on chat.
  • Immediately block the sender of such suspicious messages. Also don’t forget to report on WhatsApp as well.

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