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This Is What Author Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu Has To Say About the Relationship scandal

Nigerian Celebrity Author, Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu, better known as Alex, has finally reacted to the unconfirmed reports that he is in a relationship with the popularly know dancer from Zambia

The report claims that Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu is in a secret relationship with a popularly known dancer from Zambia, The Zambia dancer known as Denise.

After the recent viral about the celebrity prince and author Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu, it sure took some time to get an adequate reply or rather confirmation about the story which everyone finds strange.

The recent viral post states that celebrity prince Adepoju Olaoluwa itunu was in a secret relationship with a popularly known dancer from Zambia which was seen on his Instagram page

These revelations have sparked reactions from fans who expressed disbelieve and shock.

Reacting to the report, Author Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu took to his Instagram story and express his bothered reaction about the report which has since gone viral.

Prince Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu took to his social media on Thursday to address the issue he said,

I indeed have someone I love and I am sincerely committed and loyal to her thus I have to address this issue, the Zambia dancer is a model who was featured in a modeling shot for one of my upcoming book called WORLD OF LOVE, I am not in love or a relationship with her.

The recent assumption about my relationship, which has indeed lead to controversial discussions has made a great impact on my reputation and also the lady’s reputation and for this reason, I tend to find an adequate way to explain my relationship and the confusion I have caused with my words. I did make mention of how a man should be responsible for whatever he does and what a post responsible man should assume, so at the time of my interview I was not in a relationship and I approve of the claim I am keeping my relationship life a secret, as for the reason why it is a secret till now was not my choice.

Celebrity author Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu gave a clear speech about his relationship with the popularly known Zambia dancer and also gave a shocking  announcement of his relationship with the hair influencer

The recent release he just made (desire play) that almost every book store is in demand of has given rise to his popularity, in an interview with Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu, he made mention of himself moving into the music industry

We are looking forward to what surprise he has for us.


A big congratulation To Author Adepoju Olaoluwa Itunu and we all wish you happiness.

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