This is the way to buy digital gold from Paytm, getting offers

Digital Gold on Paytm: Buying digital gold is easy and for many it can be less hassle than buying real gold. See all about digital gold and why you might want to choose it over physical gold here. One of the platforms on which you can easily buy gold is Paytm. Under the Goldback offer on Paytm, you will get a Goldback of 3 percent maximum Rs 100 for the first time you buy gold from Paytm Gold.

Install and set up Paytm: If you have never installed Paytm in your phone, then you can install Paytm from Google Play Store / Apple App Store. If you link it with your bank account, then you will be able to shop on it easily. If you are already a Paytm user then you do not need this step.

On the homepage in the Paytm app, you have to go to the search bar and search for Gold. When you search, you will see Gold written, an icon will also be made with it. Tap on it. Now you will come to Paytm Gold page.

Now the price of gold will be coming in front of you to buy it. Now you can buy gold in two ways, one is by entering the amount, how much gold is to be bought and secondly by putting the weight, how much weight to buy. Now you can buy whatever gold you want to buy. If you enter the amount, it will come in front of you that how much gold you will get. If you put the weight of gold, then the amount will come in front of you that how much you will have to pay.

Now you have to pay to buy gold. If you have a promo code, then apply and process it before making the payment, so that you can get cashback or gold back. You will not be able to take advantage of any offer if you pay without the promocode.

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