This is the right way to charge the phone, you should not make these mistakes

SmartPhone Charging Tips: Nowadays the use of smartphones has increased a lot. We spend most of the time on the phone from passing the time to completing the important work. Due to excessive use of the phone, its battery also drains quickly and then there is a need to charge the phone. People are not as serious and alert about phone charging as they are about using it. Many types of carelessness are taken regarding charging, which can lead to further damage. Let us know what is the right way to charge the phone and what should be avoided.

1. Avoid charging full – Most of the people think that if they charge their smartphone 100% then the phone will last for a long time. Because of this, he does not remove the phone before it is 100% charged. But experts do not agree with this. They say that this is not right for the phone’s battery. You should charge your phone up to 80-90 or 95%. Avoid fully charging the phone. Battery life is affected by repeatedly charging the battery up to 100%.

2. Don’t wait for full battery discharge

Many people wait for the entire battery to discharge before putting the phone on charge. But this method is also not good. According to experts, if you are in a position to charge the phone, then put the battery of the phone on charging as soon as it reaches 20-30 percent. Experts say that now most phones have lithium batteries. In such a situation, it is not bad due to frequent charging, but their life is longer.

3. Do not charge by placing pillows, sheets and on the sofa

If you also charge the phone by keeping pillows, sheets and on the sofa, then change this habit. Actually, this does not harm your phone, but in this way the charging speed of the phone is affected and it takes more time to charge the phone.

4. Do not charge by placing it on an electrical appliance

Many people keep the phone on an electrical appliance such as a refrigerator, washing machine, DVD player or setup box while charging it. It is very dangerous to do so. Electric appliances get hot and this can damage your phone. Not only this, there is also a risk of exploding the battery.

5. Avoid sleeping with the phone on charge at night

Many people go to sleep at night with their phone on charge and wake up in the morning to take out the phone. This method of charging is also wrong. This overcharges your phone. You should avoid over charging. Continuous overcharging can reduce the life of the phone’s battery. Apart from this, if the heat comes in the phone, it can also explode.

6. Do not talk by putting the phone on charge

Often you must have seen that people keep talking even after putting the phone on charge. It is not safe to do so at all. This may result in an accident. Actually, during charging, the power supply continues in the phone. Sometimes this can lead to electric shock or even the phone can explode. So this mistake should be avoided.

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