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This is the direction of the country!

But the question will arise again and again whether India can be considered as a country in spite of this. Where all matters are decided by law and court? If this leads to a different assumption, So is this a good thing for the long term future of the country?

Consider: The MNS has only one seat in the 288-member assembly. But its leader Raj Thackeray insisted that he would no longer allow azaan from mosques on loudspeakers. The MNS demanded that the noise limit be implemented. But Raj Thackeray was not limited to just making demands. He took the matter into his own hands. At a time when the Muslim community in the country is feeling surrounded, seeing its basic security in danger, then the meaning of such a campaign is understandable. So instead of increasing the ruckus, the Muslims have considered it better to accept this demand. They know that Raj Thackeray’s party may have only one seat in the assembly, but behind the campaign that Thackeray has launched, the entire power system of the country is behind it. In such a situation, even if the Maharashtra government wants, it cannot help them much.

Obviously, many see this move and call by Raj Thackeray as a continuation of the attacks on religious freedom of Muslims in recent years. This call of Thackeray was made during the days of Ramzan. This remained a big issue in entire Maharashtra including Mumbai during Eid. Anyway, Maharashtra has a history of communal riots. By the way, there is a desire in the Muslim community that such history should not be repeated. About seven crore Hindus and one crore Muslims live in Maharashtra. This is almost the same ratio across the country. So getting Muslims to get such things done is not a big victory. But the question will arise again and again that despite this, can India be considered as a country, where all the issues are decided by law and court? If it creates a different perception, is it a good thing for the long term future of the country? It must be kept in mind that the question of future is not only for Muslims. He has equal relation with Hindus also.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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