This is the advice of WHO to avoid monkeypox; Men who have sex with men reduce their number of partners!

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus advised men on Wednesday that the outbreak of monkeypox among men who have sex with men is increasing and that men should reduce the number of their sex partners.

The WHO’s advice even says that men should not only reduce the number of their sexual partners (men) but to reconsider sex with new partners. Also, with whomever you have sex, then share their contact details with each other, so that follow-up can be done if needed.

Ghebreyesus revealed the data on the concentration of Kovid in men and said that such cases are 98 percent and that is why the WHO has recommended that the country should reduce the risk of infection in other vulnerable groups including children, pregnant women and those action must be taken to do so. Tedros also said that all countries should take care of the communities of men who have sex with men. However, caution has also been given to protect human rights in these cases. He said that discriminatory attitude can also be as dangerous as any virus.

Ghebreyesus said that if the countries of the world show seriousness to the risks of monkeypox, then the disease can be stopped. The virus can also spread primarily through skin-to-skin contact, by touching objects such as sheets or towels that have been used by a person suffering from monkeypox. Not only this, this disease can also be spread through kissing or face-to-face conversation.

Let us tell you that so far 18 thousand monkeypox cases have been registered in 78 countries of the world. 70 percent of these cases are in the countries of Europe.

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