This guy is amazing too. Beach Race The cameraman got bribed between the runners!

This incident happened in the ongoing World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA

From the playgrounds, we are able to enjoy the highlights and live telecast of the game only because the team of camera men constantly work on it. Although sometimes these cameramen do something strange. As this cameraman did at the ongoing World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA. Some amazing performances have been seen in this championship so far. The world’s best athletes are showing their flair in different events. Meanwhile, something happened in an event, which caught everyone’s attention and surprised everyone. The main character of this shocking incident was a TV cameraman, who became the cause of discussion due to one of his mistakes.

Let us tell you that on the morning of July 19, according to Indian time, 15 players were on the track to win the gold medal in the final race of 3000 meters steeplechase at the racing track of Haywards Field ground. Just as the race was about to end, the cameraman covering the race jumped onto the track before the athletes could reach the finish line on the track. Hoping to capture the race’s ending moment in the most spectacular way possible, the cameraman forgot that he got in the way of the athletes. Well the athletes were cautious about this and they managed to finish their race immediately by exiting the cameraman’s side.

Athletes from India are also here, but so far no success has been achieved by India. Still, the hopes remain. Indian hopes also rested on long-distance racer Avinash Sable, who was competing in the 3000m steeplechase. Now Avinash did not get success.

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