This face mask will identify virus like corona in 10 minutes

Beijing. Scientists in China have created such a face mask that will identify any virus within 10 minutes. Scientists say that their team has designed a face mask that will detect respiratory germs in the air in 10 minutes and alert the person.

The highly sensitive face mask is capable of measuring trace-level liquid samples of 0.3 microliters and gaseous samples at ultra-low concentrations of 0.1 femograms per milliliter, according to the study published this week in the journal Matter. He said that the respiratory germs that cause Covid-19 and influenza can be transmitted to other individuals by coming in contact with droplets released when talking, coughing and sneezing with an infected person. gets spread.

The bioelectronic mask, designed by researchers at Tongjin University, can detect common respiratory viruses, including influenza and coronavirus, in droplets in the air, in aerosols, and then to the wearer. Can alert through your mobile devices.

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