These two WhatsApp scans can steal your personal information and bank details, know how

WhatsApp Scammers: Cybercriminals are now taking advantage of the option of sending functional external links on WhatsApp to lure people into giving personal and even bank account details. A new WhatsApp scan named “” or “” has surfaced to incite people by sending a link to the Meta-owned platform.

According to reports, scammers send a link to WhatsApp users, claiming that users can win prizes by filling a simple survey. After users answer the questions, they are redirected to a website where they are asked to fill in sensitive information like name, age, address, bank information and other personal data.

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The website collects sensitive information of users such as their IP address, device name, and other personal details such as name, age, address, etc. These details can be misused to carry out fraudulent transactions or other illegal activities.

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ignore such messages

Another scam that is currently active on WhatsApp involves people receiving cybercrime messages such as “Sorry, I don’t recognize you” or “May I know who this is”. The scammer initiates a conversation with them and even compliments the users for making them feel better and gaining their trust – after which the scammer manipulates them to reveal their personal details. These details can be misused later.

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also report

If you have been receiving similar text messages recently, here are some tips to protect yourself from getting scammed on WhatsApp.
If you cannot verify the source of the message received, avoid clicking on the link, no matter how tempting it may sound. Block or report the number from which you have received the message.

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Installing a mobile security solution (anti-virus for smartphones) can also be a good investment as it protects you from threats, whether you are installing third party software, surfing the internet or downloading a file. Have been Some of these messages even use bad grammar, incorrect sentences, which is clearly a red flag. However, this will not always happen as scammers masquerade as employees of large companies. Lastly, report and block. Remember that it is best to report and block these numbers rather than clicking on links out of curiosity.


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