There will be a meeting between PM Modi and Joe Biden today, there can be a serious discussion on the issue of Russia

New Delhi | PM Modi-Joe Biden Meeting: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) is going to have an important virtual meeting with US President Joe Biden on Monday between the bloody war going on in Russia and Ukraine. This meeting, to be held in the tense atmosphere of the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine in the world, is considered very important and will be watched by the whole world. Significantly, India has adopted a neutral policy on the Russia-Ukraine issue and is not taking any steps against Russia as per America’s wish. Due to which America has expressed displeasure against India and has also threatened to have far-reaching consequences.

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This said, the Ministry of External Affairs
On behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs of India, it has been said that this virtual meeting to be held on Monday will enable both sides to maintain their regular and high-level engagement with the aim of further strengthening the bilateral overall global strategic partnership. . The two leaders will review and exchange views on ongoing bilateral cooperation on South Asia, the Indo-Pacific region and global issues.

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America’s threat – the consequences of relations with Russia will prove to be long-term
PM Modi-Joe Biden Meeting: America is not liking India’s neutrality on Ukraine-Russia war issues. India has maintained itself neutral in the Ukraine war case. But America wants India to impose sanctions on Russia like other countries and end trade with it. But India is not doing this. Due to which America has threatened India by showing its displeasure. US President Joe Biden’s top economic adviser Brian Deez has slammed India, saying that India may have to pay a heavy price for an alliance with Russia. The consequences of India’s greater strategic alliance with Russia will prove to be long-term.

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