There should have been loyalty from both the sides, PK said on deteriorating talks with Congress, said this about the defeat of BJP in 2024

Prashant Kishor expressed apprehension about the leadership of the Congress and said that the Congress which is today cannot give competition to the BJP. Congress needs a lot of reforms.

At one time, speculation was in full swing about election strategist Prashant Kishor joining the Congress. However, Congress and Prashant Kishor could not reach an agreement and PK refused to go with the Congress. Prashant Kishor says that his talks with Congress failed after almost five months of discussion. Can BJP be defeated in 2024? While talking to a TV channel, he also told his plan regarding this.

Prashant Kishor while talking to NDTV said, “It is possible to defeat BJP in 2024. But is it possible to defeat the BJP with the current opposition? Probably not… I want to help build an opposition front that can give a tough fight in 2024.” Prashant Kishor says that it is completely possible even if the results of the assembly elections in several states next month (which are being seen as semi-finals) may not turn in our favour.

On not being able to negotiate with the Congress, he said, “Both sides need trust to work together. This did not happen with the Congress.” Prashant Kishor said that the BJP has presented a very influential face to the people by mixing Hindutva, nationalism and public welfare and if this hypnosis is to be broken, then the opposition has to win at least two of these three. Prashant Kishor said that Congress is a good party and its ideology is also good. A strong opposition is not possible without the Congress.

Defending his efforts to help the Trinamool Congress, which many see as a mission by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s party to oust the Congress as the main opposition, Prashant Kishor said it was not revenge. Was. PK said, “I am too young to take revenge on such a big party. I think strong opposition is needed in our country. Congress as an idea should not be allowed to weaken. It is in the interest of democracy.”


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