There is a stir in the schools of Bangalore! Got a threatening e-mail! There’s a powerful bomb in the school, don’t think it’s a joke

Bangalore | Bengaluru Schools Bomb Threats: After the detection of suspected terror network from Rajasthan to MP in the country, panic spread in Karnataka capital Bengaluru today when threatening e-mails surfaced in many schools. There was a stir in these schools as soon as the e-mail was received. After which a search operation has been launched in these schools. Bomb Disposal Squad was sent to the schools to investigate. However, the police have not found anything during this period.

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bomb threat
According to the information, messages threatening to blow up 8 schools in Bangalore city have been sent through e-mail. After receiving the threatening e-mail, there was a stir in all the schools and the entire school premises were evacuated. Three e-mails have been sent by unknown persons between 10:45 am and 11:36 am. In this regard, city police commissioner Kamal Pant said that 8 schools in Bangalore have received threats through e-mail, our local police is investigating it.

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A powerful bomb has been planted in the school, don’t take it as a joke
After getting the information in this regard, the police showed readiness and got the premises vacated in the schools of their respective jurisdiction. Simultaneously, the bomb disposal squad and sniffer dogs were also alerted. Police are working to verify the veracity of the e-mail. According to the reports, it is written in the e-mail that a powerful bomb has been planted in your school, do not take it as a joke. Call the police immediately, otherwise hundreds of people may die, including you, don’t delay.

Bengaluru Schools Bomb Threats: It is worth noting that many times such e-mails have been received by people, companies, schools etc. But due to suspicious activities happening in some states, it cannot be taken easily. In such a situation, the police are busy in the investigation showing promptness.

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