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The young man started barking after stopping the officer’s car, then the officer took this step… Watch VIDEO of this unique way of protest – The Fact

A video is becoming fiercely viral in social media. In the video, the young man starts barking like a dog after stopping an officer’s car in the middle of the road. The officials themselves were also stunned to see this act of the young man. But when the young man handed over some papers to him, he also understood the whole issue.

In fact, the dog was printed in the ration card instead of the youth’s surname Dutta. But even after visiting the offices, when the government mistake was not rectified, this young man named Srikant Dutta adopted a unique method of protest and started barking like a dog in front of the officer. It can be clearly seen in the video that he stopped the officer’s car in the middle of the road and started barking. The officers try to stop him seeing this strange act of his. But the young man barks continuously and tries to explain something by showing them the paper. Finally, after a few seconds, the officer understood the whole matter and assured to rectify the mistake.

Shrikant Dutta lives in Bikna Panchayat of Bankura-2 block. He told about this whole incident that he had applied for the ration card. When the card came for the first time, his name was written in place of Shrikant Dutta as Shrikant Mandal. When he applied for correction, this time his name was written as Shrikant Kumar Kutta. Since then, he has been continuously going around the department but no one is improving it. The ration department turned me from a human into a straight dog. That’s why I had to choose this path.

Describing it as a social insult, he has also demanded action against the guilty employees. The video of this unique way of his protest is now going viral. Many types of reactions of people are also coming on this.

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