The voices of rebellion against the Congress leadership! Now he supported Kapil Sibal, opened the front

New Delhi | Sandeep Dixit Against Congress Leadership! Frustrated by the defeat in the assembly elections 2022 held in five states, Congress leaders are now attacking their leadership. After Kapil Sibal’s statement of leaving the leadership to the Gandhi family, now Congress’s Sandeep Dixit has also made a scathing attack on the Congress leadership. Let us tell you that, Sandeep Dixit is also included in the same group 23 leaders in which Kapil Sibal has attacked the Gandhi family.

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Leadership full of ego, no one ready for accountability
Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit while targeting the party high commands said that the leadership of the party is full of arrogance. Now the Congress has become completely inactive in which the decision-making capacity has been eroded. The party is not serious on any matter. No one is ready to take the responsibility. It is worth noting that earlier, Captain Amarinder Singh, former Punjab CM and Congress leader, had also accused the party that, the entire operation of power in Punjab is done by the high command sitting in Delhi. However, even before the elections, the Captain left the Congress and formed his own party.

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It doesn’t matter even after losing the election

Sandeep Dixit Against Congress Leadership! It is worth noting that the opposition of Congress has always been targeting him that the operation of the party is in the hands of only one family. In such a situation, now the Congress leaders themselves have started coming forward on this issue and are seen openly demanding change of leadership. Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit further said that even after losing elections one after the other, the Congress did not make any difference.

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Kapil Sibal supported
Sandeep Dixit did not remain silent till this and raised his voice saying that, some people in the party are frozen on the basis of compassion. They only care about their chair. Supporting his statement, he said that Kapil Sibal has spoken right.

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