The race to take the credit for the victory and take the blame for the loss

Bhopal, In the state on the pretext of three-tier Panchayati Raj and urban body elections, both the major parties BJP and Congress are going through a period of complaints and welcome greetings, in which the credit of victory is being given to their loved ones by blaming the defeat on their rivals. The party leadership also wants to bury the matter there by talking about taking action at the local level. Panchayati Raj Urban Body Elections

In fact, the three-tier panchayati raj and urban body elections held before the general elections for the 2023 assembly in the state are being seen as a kind of semi-final. This is the reason. Both the parties put their full strength in these elections, which repeatedly warned the workers and leaders to win the elections and also entrusted the responsibility of victory by making the in-charge, but in spite of this, wherever the BJP has lost and where the Congress Questions about where the loser is – Even before taking the answer, the people responsible have started complaining and where there has been victory, there is a welcome greeting, but on this pretext, there is a rhetoric and complaints against the leaders between whom there is a rivalry at the local level. So that the way for 2023 can be cleared from now on.

However, elections are going on for the Presidents of Municipal Council, Municipality and Municipal Corporation and both the parties BJP and Congress are putting full emphasis in the last round that these posts can also be won, but where there is a three-tier Panchayati Raj and Urban Any body elections that have been held. On the one hand, there are complaints going on. On the other hand, the party is also finding out at its level that who has made a mistake on where. Especially those who were entrusted with the responsibility at the local level.

What was his role like there? For example, the district president of the party and the in-charges made by the organization were given the responsibility to win the elections by coordinating between all the leaders and in most places this happened even where the party did not expect the elections to be won by the ministers in charge. He put full emphasis in winning the elections of Panchayati Raj in the districts of his charge and left no stone unturned in the elections of the urban body in the home district, despite that there were some areas where the ruling party BJP had to face defeat. The party has lost six municipal corporations and 10 district panchayat president elections, while the Congress has lost 11 municipal corporations and 41 district panchayat president elections.

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The review is going on in both the parties and there are very few places where the leaders have done any wrong otherwise the party has won in the election of environment and management wherever better management was done by the ruling party. At some places, the party could not win the elections even after better management. For example, in the election of Katni mayor, the party’s state president Vishnu Dutt Sharma and former minister Sanjay Pathak put full emphasis, despite this, the rebel of BJP got the victory, the party faced difficulties in Chambal Vindhya and Mahakaushal, but later the party in the district panchayat elections. The leaders became more active and won.

Overall, the reasons for the victory and defeat will be revealed only after a thorough review. Right now the elections for the presidents are going on in the urban body, but before that, both the parties are competing to take the credit for the victory and take the blame for the defeat. Panchayati Raj Urban Body Elections

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