The price of edible oil increased by 20 percent in a month

New Delhi: In the midst of the deadly corona virus in the country, day by day rising inflation has broken the back of the public. The budget of the kitchen of the public has deteriorated due to the expensive food items used daily. The price of edible oil in the country has increased by about 20 percent within the last one month. The Indian Industry Board has attributed the rising inflation to the fluctuations in prices in the international markets.

Edible oil prices hiked by Rs 15 to 20 in Delhi 

Let’s see the latest food prices

mustard oil – Rs 165

Refined Oil – Rs 155

Arhar Dal – Rs 100

Malka Dal – Rs 85

Chana Dal – Rs 70

Urad Dal – Rs.95

Rajma – Rs 125

Cowboy- Rs 70

Black Chana – Rs 70

Chinese- Rs 36

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