The old-fashioned ‘Ambassador Car’ company is all set to launch an electric scooter next year!

Ambassador is once again making a comeback on the Indian roads. Ambassador car maker Hindustan Motors is all set to explode next year. The company can launch an electric scooter by next year. According to media reports, the company can consider electric four wheeler after manufacturing two-wheeler.

Hindustan Motors is planning to set up a joint venture with a European company for the production of electric two-wheelers. The process of the deal between the two companies will start in July and everything will be finalized in the next three months. According to Hindustan Motors director Uttam Bose, a decision to make four wheeler electric vehicles will be taken after two years of commercialization of the two-wheeler project. Bose said that after the formation of the new unit, it will take two to three quarters to start the pilot project. Hindustan Motors scooter can come in the market by next year. Bose also said that his Uttarpara plant will have to be retro-fitted. This is because some control panels need to be replaced with electronic hardware and software.

The plant was shut down in 2014 due to a drop in demand for the company’s Ambassador car. The company has 275 acres of land in Uttarpara, including a 90-acre plant. When the company closed the plant in October 2014, it had 2,300 employees. At present its number is around 300. Bose said Hindustan Motors is now making profit and is completely debt free company.

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