The minister will handle the front from the ministry to the ground

Bhopal, Along with taking charge of the districts, now the Group of Ministers will go to the allotted districts from September 17 to October 31 and meet the beneficiaries for information and feedback on government schemes. Along with this, four groups have also been formed which will monitor various works.

In fact, till now the districts of charge were allotted to the ministers for better implementation of the schemes of the state and the center to bring tightness in the field, those districts will still be allotted, but along with this, the responsibility of other districts by forming a group of ministers will also be from September 17 to October 31. assigned to. In which this minister will visit the group to see what is the status of government schemes in the districts and will inform about its feedback. 2 -2 Group of Ministers will visit the allocation of districts, quality of development work in the district, why will the eligible persons take stock of the status of availability of benefits of Ibrahim Mulk schemes. Fellow ministers will go to the poor settlements and see the situation there. Will take opinion from the social workers and intellectuals in the districts, discuss with the general public and inform the common citizens about the schemes, as well as there is a lack in the implementation of the schemes and the activities of the mother-in-law, if found guilty, necessary action will also be taken by the Group of Ministers. Will go

After October 31, the ministers will discharge their responsibilities in their charge districts as before. After the cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held informal discussions with the ministers and formed four such groups of ministers who would decide the work of the ministers. Among the subjects of work, in the first group, planning for 100 percent centuration of government schemes, ministers Narottam Mishra, Prabhu Ram Chaudhary, Vishwas Sarang, Kamal Patel, Bisahulal Singh, Bharat Singh Kushwaha and Ramkhelawan Patel have been kept in this group.

The topic of the second group is to decide the outline of the programs to be held during Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day, in this group the ministers Bhupendra Singh, Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Usha Thakur, Meena Singh, Rajvardhan Singh Dattigaon and Hardeep Singh Dung have been kept. Minister Gopal Bhargava, Govind Singh Rajput, Tulsi Silavat, Vijay Shah and Jagdish Deora have been included in deciding the outline of the work to be done in the district. Similarly, the topic of the fourth group is planning for the service fortnight from the birthday of the Prime Minister, in this group the ministers Brijendra Pratap Singh Mahendra Singh Sisodia Pradyuman Singh Tomar Mohan Yadav and Prem Singh Patel have been included.

Overall, from the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jan Seva Fortnight will be dedicated to public service in the state. For this, the ministers have not only been entrusted with the responsibility, but the work of public service should be done with enthusiasm by staying completely among the public. How serious is the government to celebrate Jan Seva Pakhwada on the birthday of the Prime Minister, it can be gauged from the fact that before the start of the cabinet on Tuesday, the Chief Minister informed the ministers about the Prime Minister’s arrival in Kuno and in an informal discussion about celebrating Jan Seva Pakhwada. Hui. After the discussion was over, the list of the Group of Ministers was released and by the evening the meeting of the Group of Ministers was also held, which the ministers kept meeting throughout the day in the ministry.

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