..the meaning of your silence on the riots

The three corporations of Delhi became one and in the name of delimitation, the corporation elections were also postponed, but what does the BJP lose and what does it get, the question is in the corporation elections. BJP has started a game of polarization after the recent riots in the capital but Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is silent. After the bloodshed in Jahangirpuri, the BJP is watching the ball of corporation elections shifting from Kejriwal’s court to BJP’s court. But the way the AAP party has infiltrated the houses of Delhi, especially in the settlements like Jahangir Puri, the power of AAP is not seen to diminish even after this turmoil. It is a different matter that despite being the Chief Minister, Kejriwal has remained silent on such a big issue, but the leaders of the party are seeing their benefit in this silence.

That’s why Kejriwal is already challenging the BJP in the language of the BJP by saying that if you have the courage, then conduct the elections on time, or that the BJP has already lost the corporation elections. In the coming elections, it is believed that the BJP is preparing to make an issue of Muslims and Rohingyas. But Kejriwal is silent on this issue also because of not having Delhi Police with him or it is also part of his election strategy, only he should know, but it is being said that after the matter cools down, he will not only visit these settlements. Will visit again to woo the voters, but will also try to turn the tables by explaining why most of the cases against Muslims are coming to the fore in these riots?

There are also discussions that a team has been prepared in the AAP party regarding this matter, which is preparing a branch of these riots, whose big leaders will tell the people of Delhi before the elections. It would have been good that Kejriwal, whom Delhi had put on the throne of Delhi by giving 67 seats out of 70, would have said at least something in his favor. And especially when leaders like Congress leader and CBM leader Brinda Karat, who settled in Delhi, reached the spot and knew the plight of the people. But if Kejriwal is claiming to be the son of Delhi, then how will he be afraid.

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