The man-bomb woman who exploded the Karachi University campus, mother of two, was also pursuing her MPhil!

Recently, a suicide attack was carried out in Pakistan by the Balochistan Liberation Army. A woman was used as a suicide bomber to carry out the attack. In which three Chinese citizens were also killed. Shari Baloch, the woman used as the suicide bomber in the blast, was also described by the organization as their first female suicide bomber. The intention of the organization was clear that it wanted to target China’s project and Chinese citizens.

Shari Baloch had also said goodbye to his friends through Twitter before blowing himself up. According to Pakistani media reports, Shari was a Baloch orphan and was also the mother of two children. Her husband is a dentist and a lecturer. Not only this, Shari’s husband Habit expressed pride over his wife’s death, saying that his wife has acted selflessly and when her children grow up, they will also be proud of how great their mother was.

According to information received from Shari’s husband, she also had a master’s degree in Jhuloji and was also pursuing her MPhil while teaching as a teacher in the school.

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Bikram Singh Sidhu

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