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The leader is the true one who thinks!

wonderful! So much brain fertility in an 87 year old retired president! Coincidentally heard the former President of Uruguay Jose Mujica on Al Jazeera yesterday, and after a long time, wowed for a leader! The politics and leaders of South America felt the answer was no. Thus the continent has no meaning for us in India. We are the frogs of the well and we cannot be interested to know how ideologically the 2.5 billion people of South America and Africa are in the state. In fact, if we have any condition of our own, then laugh at others! The brain fertility of Uruguay’s Jose Mujica is fueled by global concerns. In the interview, he spoke deeply and frankly on concerns about the future of Earth and humans, from the Russia-Ukraine war to the people and countries of South America. From short sentences (the interview was in Spanish, hence the essence of one or two lines translated into English), it seemed that whatever happens, the intellectual splendor of the society is created by the revolutionary current of politics.

Remember, Jose Mujica was a revolutionary in his youth. On the question of that time, he said, ‘It was a time of faith, politics was for him and now it is sorrow that where is politics’! Jose Mujica remarked, ‘often the revolution eats up the revolution’, of Nicaraguan President Ortega’s continued stay in power, his dictatorship.

Mujica was a guerrilla of a left-wing armed organization called the Tupamaros of Uruguay in the 1960s and 1970s. He was shot six times. Military dictators put him in prison for 14 years. After the restoration of democracy, he became the President of Uruguay in 2010. Reigned for five years. In 2015, he retired from politics, saying he wanted to spend time with his three-legged pet dog and an old four-legged Beetle!

He did not live in Rashtrapati Bhavan after becoming the President. He did not take a horse-drawn carriage, a red beacon. He used to come and go in his old Beetle car. He assumed the office of the President by living in a two-room house and even then made a living from farming earnings. He used to wash his own clothes. Used to draw water from the well. He used to donate 90 percent of his salary to charity. Uruguay made a lot of progress during his tenure. During his tenure, he devoted a lot of mind to reducing inequality in the society.

In this case, he is dominating even at the age of 87. That’s when he spoke a lot about money, politics and inequality in the interview. He had to say, ‘Everyone calls for the theory that if the wealth of the rich will increase, then the prosperity will automatically trickle down and go down. With the increase of the rich, the life of the common people will also improve. Therefore, the idea of ​​taxing the rich has ended in all countries. While poverty in the society is not decreasing despite the increase in the wealth of the rich, inequality is increasing.

The strength of Jose Mujica’s tenure was that despite the revolutionaryism, he ran the country in the spirit of democracy. In his simple life as the world’s poorest President, where he became the role model of the country, all the right-wing countries including America, asking with their moral force on world forums, what is the use of democracy if people do not prosper. ?

In the present condition of the world, he says that what was the experience of the epidemic period? Joe Biden talked about removing the patent protection of the Kovid-19 vaccine in the oath speech, but what happened? Surely the knowledge of the knower belongs to him, but when it is a matter of whole humanity and life, then the global society should decide to make it universal. There is a food crisis, inflation and the world economy is in trouble, so why did the leaders allow this to happen in the first place that indiscriminately printed and distributed the currency. The inflationary conditions had already been created without any thought. From above the pointless battle of Russia-Ukraine. Putin has been fighting continuously with Ukraine. They have been saying in meetings like the Vienna conference that Russia is concerned about its security. He should have understood European countries. If the European countries had acted wisely, then the situation of fighting would not have been created. Russia created illegitimate desires and the same problem is everywhere. The real issue is that politics and money will have to be thought of in a new way, new ways will have to be created.

There is no doubt that Jose Mujica is a leader-thinker of that category, from whom reality is manifested in a blatant manner. Despite being the President, he used to be frankly questioned at the 2012 Rio Conference and then in the United Nations. Like if Indian families kept cars like German families, what would happen to the earth? Or just check ‘how much oxygen is left’? In the latest interview, he said that there is wastage, waste everywhere. Without frills, pomp and show, neither leaders work nor governments. The expenses of presidents and their summits should be abolished. The basic work is of concern for the people and the earth. Restrictions on countries are not good. This is how people travel. Nothing goes wrong with leaders and governments and people travel everywhere. Restrictions on Venezuela, Nicaragua and Russia are all causing people to travel in every way, even if it is due to expensive oil, inflation of food grains and destruction of economies.

Significantly, during his tenure, Mujica made the sale of marijuana common in the reality of an area of ​​Uruguay. Made gay marriage legal. With your behavior in people, created this air that not to make life more complicated. Must live up to the minimum requirements. Mujica’s reasoning for not staying in Rashtrapati Bhavan was that it was ‘like fighting for my freedom’. Because if he keeps getting attached to material facilities and frills, then time will be passing in his efforts. I’m living in the neighborhood of forty years now, among the same people, so everything will be easy and fun. Being the President does not mean that I am no longer a common man.

Really, looking at the surroundings of the thatch, the iron bench and the chair on the TV screen, I wondered, what is this random, old face talking about? Apart from worrying about the health of the earth, Mujika also said that the future belongs to the knowledge and knowledge economy. If a quality education system is not made for this, then the future of the countries is not there. Governments should spend more on needs like education and health. We are living in a time when the resources have increased tremendously, but the rich have an even greater proportion of wealth accumulation. This is the main problem and challenge of politics. To increase the accumulation of wealth means to increase the accumulation of power and then its results.

Overall, listening to the talk of the address, a world citizen, common man Jose Mujica and knowing him realized that the leader who is thoughtful, can show the right leadership and direction to humanity!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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