The killers had taken the number ‘2611’

Jaipur, The accused who killed Hindu tailor Kanhaiyalal Sah by slitting his throat in Udaipur, Rajasthan may not have nexus with terrorists but they have been attached to terrorist activities against India. Its sensational disclosure has come to light in the investigation of Rajasthan Police. It is being told that the killers had given five thousand rupees separately to get ‘2611’ number plate for their motorcycle.

Note that ‘2611’ is not just a number. This is the date of the biggest terrorist attack on India. On 26 November 2008, terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai and killed 175 people. During the investigation, the police got this information from the aspect of Kanhaiyalal’s killers having met with the terrorists. The registration number of the motorcycle from which both the killers – Ghaus Mohammad and Riyaz Akhtari had fled after the murder – was ‘RJ 27 AS 2611’.

This motorcycle is in Udaipur’s Dhan Mandi police station after the killers were arrested. Police sources say that one of the criminals, Riyaz, specifically asked for the number ‘2611’ and gave an additional five thousand rupees for this number plate. It is worth mentioning that both the accused had gone to Kanhaiyalal Sah’s shop and asked him to measure the clothes and there they killed him by slitting his throat. One of the accused made a video of it and also made it public on social media. The investigation of this case has been handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). It is also being investigated from the aspect of terrorist incident.

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