The killer of Russia-Ukraine! Civilians are dying, people are craving food and drink amid the bombing

New Delhi | Russia-Ukraine War: Today is the 17th day of the ongoing bloody war between Ukraine and Russia and Russia is continuously shelling the cities of Ukraine. Ukraine, isolated from the world, is also making frequent claims of causing heavy losses to Russian soldiers. However, now many countries of the world have started sending military aid to Ukraine. But in this war, civilians of Ukraine are dying from all sides. If they survive the shelling, they are forced to die of hunger after being imprisoned in homes. Because, for a long time of 17 days, they have to go through the problem of eating and drinking.

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Hospital attacked, three killed
Russia-Ukraine War: The Ukrainian government claims that the Russian army has detonated several bombs near airports in the western areas. Most of the vehicles of the 64 km long Russian convoy moving towards the capital Kyiv are seen stationed on the firing front. Three people have been killed in a Russian military attack on a hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. The hospital was completely destroyed by the attack. After the attack, people were buried under the rubble at many places. Along with this, the Russian army has also targeted a school.

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The exodus of people suffering from hunger continues
The Russo-Ukraine war is taking a toll on humanity. The situation of citizens present in Ukraine has become very critical. Common people are facing lot of problems. Along with food and drink, people are longing for even drinking water. In such a situation, in the midst of fierce bombing, people continue to flee from there.

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