The Karauli Files: Who is responsible, who can be blamed… know everything…


The Karauli Files : The layers of violence that broke out between two communities in Karauli on April 2 are continuously unfolding. Taking action after investigation on all the whole matter, police have registered FIR against total 36 people, 19 are Muslim and 17 are Hindi. Twenty people have been arrested so far. The biggest disclosure in this whole matter came when the police has registered an FIR against the former chairman of Karauli Municipal Council and BJP leader Rajaram Gurjar. Along with the independent councilor Matloob Ahmed, the police also filed an AIR on charges of conspiracy to incite riots. has registered.

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Rajaram Gurjar has been associated with controversies

The Karauli Files : Rajaram Gurjar has been the chairman of Karauli Municipal Council and is the husband of Soumya Gurjar, the Mayor of Jaipur Greater. Rajaram had to lose his post in that dispute but was later reinstated.

Committee formed by both the political parties

For the report on the riots that broke out in Karauli, both the BJP and the Congress have formed committees at their respective levels to find out the reality. State President Satish Punia is also included in the committee from BJP.

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Congress’s counterattack

The Karauli Files : After the name of Rajaram Gurjar came up in the Karauli riots, the Congress has suddenly become an attacker on the BJP. Earlier, from BJP’s side, State President Satish Punia and Leader of Opposition Gulab Chand Kataria were constantly attacking the government, but after the FIR was lodged against the BJP leader, Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas said on the channel that the BJP would bring peace to the state by inciting riots in this way. And wants to spoil the brotherhood. Khachariyawas also said that the state government is constantly monitoring the Karauli matter.

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