The issue of Kashmir will no longer be cold, the discussion of The Kashmir Files in the wedding card too…

Kashmir Files Viral News : The magic of director Vivek Agnihotri’s famous film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is still speaking to the people. So far this film is stuck on the screen in Simena Hall and is breaking records of earnings. So far people are seen getting confused with each other on social media regarding this film. However, now the politics happening on the main stream media and film is on a slope. Be that as it may, many such cases have come to the fore during this film, in which many Hindutva and other organizations have booked the entire hall and shown this film to the people. Recently a photo went viral, in which it was told that a coconut seller had run an offer to give coconut water for free on showing the ticket of The Kashmir Files.

Latest case and funny…

Kashmir Files Viral News : Another case related to this film has come to the fore. Director Vivek Agnihotri has shared a picture from Upway Twitter which is very much discussed. In this picture, the wedding card has a sticker of ‘The Kashmir Files’. A couple named Rahul and Shivani have put a sticker of The Kashmir Files on the back of their wedding card, along with three points, why this film should be seen. Many such cases are coming to the fore continuously. Due to these reasons, the film is getting more fame continuously.

shadow case on twitter

Kashmir Files Viral News : After this matter was tweeted by Vivek Agnihotri, this matter has been covered on Twitter. Users have also shared other such photos on this, in which they have appealed to see Kashmir files, as well as interesting response of many users was seen on Agnihotri’s Twitter. Let us tell you that this film first came in the discussion when the Kapil Sharma Show was refused to promote the film. After this, PM Modi himself praised the film by calling the director of the film.

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