The investigation of Sonali Phogat murder case is now in the hands of CBI, what will be the first step of the investigating agency?

CBI has started the investigation of Bigg Boss-14 fame BJP leader Sonali Phogat murder case. He has also procured all the necessary legal documents from the Goa Police. Know that what will be the CBI’s first and next step in this sensational murder case?

CBI will investigate Sonali Phogat case.

BJP Leader Bigg Boss-14 Contestant Sonali Phogat by filing a case of murder CBI has started investigation. The Goa Police has also handed over all the documents related to the investigation conducted by it “Case Diary” to the CBI. In such a situation, the question arises that now what will the CBI do first? CBI has studied all legal documents related to Sonali murder case and obtained from Goa Police. The Goa Police has handed over all these necessary documents to the CBI along with a “summary” so that later no agency can accuse each other of any kind.

Meanwhile, now the question arises whether the investigation done by Goa Police in Sonali Phogat murder case from 22-23 August 2022 till now, will not be of any use to CBI? No. It’s not like that. For the CBI, all the witness evidence and statements obtained from the Goa Police can prove to be very important. It will be up to the CBI team that has been given the responsibility of investigating the Sonali murder case, which of the documents, evidence, statements and witnesses obtained from the Goa Police should be included in their investigation and why not? Meaning, from registering the case to arresting the accused, the responsibility of collecting the evidence, the responsibility of recording the statements of the witnesses, the Goa Police has done what it was supposed to do.

The investigation has been handed over from Goa Police to CBI even before the completion of the investigation of the case. In such a situation, the responsibility of filing the chargesheet in the court has also come on the shoulders of CBI instead of Goa Police. Whatever the CBI has obtained from the Goa Police is recorded in a long summary. The most important of the huge files received by the CBI from the Goa Police is the FIR which was registered by the Goa Police under the sections of murder even before the arrest of the accused. Apart from this, the statement of witnesses, postmortem report, viscera report (the viscera report is said to have not been received yet), to inspect the incident-e-incident from his point of view. After all this, the responsibility of “cross-checking” the statements of the accused and witnesses has also come to the CBI. Regardless, whatever documents, accused, witness evidence has been handed over to the CBI by the Goa Police, they will be strong from the legal point of view. All this but the responsibility of doing cross-examination from its point of view again rests with the CBI.

CBI will re-record everyone’s statement

Meaning if in brief, these days the CBI is engaged in investigating every fact received from the Goa Police in the initial phase of the investigation. Meanwhile, statements of the main accused Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder Singh have also come before the CBI. In fact, the statements made by the accused or the accused to the police cannot be said to be strong or factual until they are accepted in the court, or until the person giving these statements remains in the court till the end. Meaning, now the CBI is also preparing to re-record the statements of every witness and accused, whose statements were made by the Goa Police a long time ago. Because the accountability of CBI is not to the court of police, but to the CBI court. In its special court, the CBI will not be able to back down if it is trapped somewhere, saying that it had obtained such a thing or a fact from the Goa Police. After filing the charge sheet in the court, the responsibility of proving it right will be directly with the CBI.

investigation will start afresh

If a highly placed CBI source is to be believed, “Goa Police had done a lot of work in the case. Since now the investigating agency has changed. So the investigation will start afresh. Yes, all the things obtained from the Goa Police can prove to be helpful for us to an extent. But on the basis of those information only, one cannot file a charge sheet in the court. First of all, it is necessary to re-record the statements of the accused by taking them on their remand. Then the statements of the witnesses will also have to be recorded. Only after that the process of cross-checking the statements of the accused and the witnesses can be implemented. Only then we (CBI) will be able to move towards a new direction in the investigation.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the CBI is first thinking of taking on record the statements of the main accused Sudhir Sangwan and his accomplice Sukhwinder Singh and cross-checking them with the statements of the witnesses. So that it can be decided that the statements given by the accused are not to deviate the agency from the right direction. The most important statement in these statements will be that of Sudhir Sangwan. Who has recently been made the main accused in the Sonali murder case. To cross-check her statement, the CBI is planning to record the statements of her friend Sukhwinder Singh and the staff of the restaurant where Sonali’s health deteriorated after midnight. If Sudhir Sangwan’s statements match with the statements of the restaurant staff, Sukhwinder. So it can prove to be very helpful to the CBI to take the further investigation of the case in the right direction.


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