The girl child died in the bomb blast, the TMC leader had kept a live bomb tied to pet smell, the innocent thought it was a ball..

Kolkata . West Bengal News: What news is coming in West Bengal under Mamta Banerjee’s rule. Live bombs found in TMC leader’s house. Whose victim became his own innocent niece. Mistaking the live bomb kept at TMC leader Abu Hussain Gayen’s house for a ball, an innocent girl started playing with other children in Minakha, North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, and a blast occurred in which the innocent was killed and other children were injured.

A live bomb was tied to a donkey
This incident has created a stir in the entire area. Police has arrested TMC leader Abu Hussain. According to the police, this incident took place in Chapali village. Relatives of TMC leader Abul Hussain Gayen came to meet him at his house on Wednesday evening. With whom 8 year old innocent niece Jhuma Khatoon studying in second class was also there. During this, the girl took the live bomb stuck in the head of Abul Hussain’s pet donkey as a ball and started playing. Then the bomb exploded. Due to which the innocent died on the spot.

After all, why was the live bomb tied to the donkey?
As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and kept the dead body of the girl child in the mortuary of the rural hospital. The police is probing why the TMC leader had tied a bomb to his donkey. Somewhere Abul Hussain had collected bombs before the Panchayat elections to establish his dominance in the area. Now many kinds of questions have been raised on him.

An atmosphere of tension in the village, the leader in custody
West Bengal News: There is tension in the village after this act of TMC leader came to the fore. Due to which heavy police force has been deployed in the area. In this case, the police is now interrogating Trinamool leader Abul Hussain Gayen in custody.

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