The general public is going to get a strong shock of inflation again, from biscuits-spices, all this will also be expensive!

New Delhi | Shock of Inflation: Once again inflation to the general public of the country (inflationBe prepared to face a severe blow. After touching the sky in the prices of essential commodities like petrol, diesel, cooking gas, now the prices of edible oils have also increased. The price of mustard oil is constantly on the rise. In such a situation, now the taste of tea with biscuits is also going to deteriorate. Spices used in cooking, including biscuits, are going to be expensive.

kitchen budget spoiled
Shock of Inflation: The rising inflation may not make any difference to the people, but the poor common people are completely broken by it. Corona is taking the right effort. According to the figures, even though there has been relief from inflation in the last two months, but the pockets of the general public are continuously being cut. Now even the budget of the kitchen has completely spoiled. The year has not even started, till now the prices of all the spices have touched the sky. The tempering of the vegetable has also faded now. The prices of turmeric, cumin, coriander have increased. Their prices have gone up by up to 25 percent. The increased prices of mustard oil are not coming down. According to government data, there has been an increase of 4 to 32 percent in many essential items, including spices and edible oils.

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Now people’s pockets will be cut in these, biscuits will have to be bought thoughtfully
Britannia company is preparing to increase the prices of its beauty products by up to 10 percent. In such a situation, many types of food items coming for the children will become expensive. Even biscuits will have to be bought by the people thoughtfully. Apart from this, Dabur has also increased the prices of its beauty products by 10 percent.

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Along with beauty products, electric goods will also be expensive
With the onset of summer, people are now going to find it expensive to eat cold air. Companies are preparing to increase the prices of many electric items including fans, coolers. Orient company is preparing to increase the prices of its items by 4 to 7 percent.

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