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The formula to save the world from the crowd

World Population Day is celebrated on 11th July. On such occasions people celebrate but on this world day people are worried. They worry that if the world’s population continues to grow at this rate, then in the next 30 years, the total population of the world will be about 10 billion. What will be the arrangement for food, clothing, residence and employment for so many people? Will this earth survive for humans? The area of ​​the Earth is not to increase and humans do not have to go and settle in other planets of space.

So will this earth not become hell? Will increasing pollution leave humans unfit to survive? These are questions that are being raised fiercely every year. These questions create a lot of frustration and anxiety in our mind but if we think with a little cold mind then I think that human race is so great that it will find some solution to these troubles also. Like 70 years ago, the world population was only 2.5 billion but now it has become about 8 billion.

Is this increased population not getting more or less all the facilities? Due to new inventions, mechanical developments and mutual cooperation, there has been tremendous development in the countries of the world. Because of these, people’s health has improved and in the last 40 years, the average age of people has increased by 20 years. Those who earlier attained the age of 50, now live up to 70 years. This is also the root cause of population growth. Family planning is prevalent in almost all countries.

This has become a matter of concern in Japan and China. There is an increasing possibility of population decline. Even if the world’s population becomes 10-12 billion, then its management is not impossible. If all the governments and the public run the campaigns to increase the yield of agriculture, reduce pollution, save water, increase vegetarianism and do not leave waste, then there can be no danger to mankind.

The trouble is that at this time the wave of consumerism has come all over the world. Every man wants to use everything more than necessary. Even if natural resources are available ten times more for the fulfillment of this ill-fated wish, they will fall short. In such a situation, India’s renunciation ideology can prove to be very beneficial for the whole world as compared to capitalist and communist ideologies.

The United Nations Organization which has established the tradition of celebrating this World Population Day on July 11, 1989, I would request its authors to make this mantra of Ishopanishad the inspiration-sentence of the whole world that ‘Tyen Tyakten Bhunjitha’ means ‘renunciation’. consume with ‘, then the future crisis or concern of the population will be automatically resolved.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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