The fired cartridges show the belt to be full but are of no use…!

Bhopal, This talk is about the recent organizational change in the ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party. In which the “threesome” of the party “evicted” Union Roads Minister Gadkari and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh from the election committee and managing committee. This change has gained importance because Shivraj Singh has been the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for the last 16 and 16 years and with less success he has succeeded in bringing down the Kamal Nath government in 15 months and coming back to power.

On the other hand, Gadkari gets the distinction that he has made efforts to make road transport accessible by constructing many national highways in the country. It is another matter that the over bridges and bridges built on these routes have collapsed in this year’s rains. But there is dissatisfaction among the public about the increase in toll tax rates. But the truth of Gadkari being a favorite of the RSS, now suggests that in the Narendra Modi government, Modi alone and only is paramount, but he absolutely dislikes the increasing credibility and status of any other ally in the public. They can not only alter arbitrary decisions in the government but they also run the party on the same lines. With this, the hold of the Sangh over the Bharatiya Janata Party seems to be proved false. Even if at the time of elections, the party takes refuge in Nagpur, lamenting for its defense. But as soon as the government is formed, Narendra Modi knows the trick to neutralize the Sangh leadership. He has successfully used RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad since he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Even when people of his choice were replaced by the BJP Parliamentary Party, he had shown revolt. As a result, the BJP Parliamentary Party had to honor their demands.

Now the nomination of Yeddyurappa and Satyanarayana Jatiya and Sonewal of Assam to the Parliamentary Board are fully capable of proving that they do not hesitate to publicly humiliate the Prime Minister, who are his imitators and those who do not give the desired results. They do this to prove that they alone are capable of running and guiding the country-party and union organization. If this fact is probed, then you will find that not only did Yeddyurappa have to face corruption in Karnataka but he himself was also found guilty of it. He also could not sustain the BJP in Karnataka and had to announce his resignation in the assembly. The Bommai government had to face a lot of criticism due to the hijab movement in Karnataka at present due to Hinduist elements. Time will tell how successful Yeddyurappa will be in his attempt to bring Lingayat voters to the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections. But the results so far put a question mark on their success.

In Madhya Pradesh too, Shivraj Singh has proved to be the only face of BJP in the elections. However, due to Dal Badal, the measures to accommodate MLAs from Congress and other parties have made his position somewhat flexible. It is difficult to say that any other leader will be able to break this record of being Chief Minister for 16 years.

The examples of fired cartridges are based on the success of these nominated leaders in elections. Jatiya has been an MP from Ujjain, his family members were accused that many benefits were taken while being his minister. Now these allegations have not been investigated so nothing can be said about their veracity. But it is doubtful whether his nomination will benefit the party in the Ujjain-Indore region. Even though adjustment on the basis of caste may be justified, but it is not the ground truth.

Gadkari is a tried and proven minister. When he was a minister in Maharashtra, he had asked Dhan Kuber and Modi ji friend Ambani ji on the question of capital for the construction of flyovers that you see how convenient road traffic can be made in Mumbai. It is well known about him that he considers Narendra Modi as the first among equals. They do not consider themselves to be their master and almighty. Recently, while describing the current politics as a struggle for power, he had said that in Gandhi’s time, politics was about social concerns. On this, he had said that I want to leave politics, because now it has become the only way to get power. Now after Modi ji’s Mann Ki Baat, how can Gadkari’s Mann Ki Baat live in the atmosphere. So this is a blow, to be dissatisfied with the decisions of Modi ji.

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