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The festival of Sheetlashtami being celebrated today, the mother was offered stale dishes, the fair of faith on the dungaree of modesty

Jaipur | Sheetala Ashtami 2022: The festival of Sheetala Ashtami is being celebrated in many states of the country including Rajasthan today. Today, early morning the women reached the temple of Mata Sheetla with a plate full of dishes to offer prayers and offered various dishes including curd, Rabri to Mata Sheetla.

Enjoy the taste of stale dishes
Sheetala Ashtami 2022: Sheetala Ashtami is celebrated eight days after Holi. Usually Sheetla Mata is worshiped on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month, but in some places she is also worshiped on the first Monday or Thursday after Holi. The law of worship of Mata Sheetla is also special. Stale delicacies are offered to the mother on this day.

That’s why it is called Basoda
Sheetala Ashtami 2022: Bhog is prepared a day in advance to offer Bhog to Sheetala Mata on the festival of Sheetala Ashtami. On the day of Ashtami, only the stale material is offered to the Goddess as Naivedya. For this reason Sheetlashtami festival is also known as ‘Basoda’ in North India.

Mata Sheetla is sitting on the dungaree of modesty
The oldest temple of Sheetla Mata is in Chaksu town near Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. This place is called Sheel ki Dungri where Mata’s temple is situated on a high hill. A grand fair is held here every year on Sheetlashtami. This place is located on Jaipur-Kota highway at a distance of about 70 km from Jaipur. There is also a big pond here. At the time of the fair, devotees from many districts of Rajasthan come here to see the mother.

Fairs are held many events
The temple of Sheetla Mata was built by Madho Singh, the former Maharaja of Jaipur. During the fair, devotees from all over the place come here and do Jagran throughout the night. Devotees sing hymns of Sheetla Mata by singing dance. A cattle fair is also organized here during the fair. Many sports competitions are organized.

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