The famous ‘Shaktimaan’ is all set to return in the superhero trilogy but… on the big screen!

New Delhi: The iconic Shaktimaan is all set to return! The studio will join hands with Brewing Thoughts Pvt Ltd and Mukesh Khanna’s Bhishma International to recreate the magic in the form of a trilogy by one of India’s leading superstars. Sony Pictures International Productions has acquired the film adaptation rights of India’s most iconic superhero IP Shaktimaan to re-imagine it as a superhero trilogy for the big screen, headlined by one of India’s leading superstars. Will go (shktimaan is back )

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Shaktimaan this time in theaters..

The film studio is actively scaling up its production in India, expanding its footprints into Malayalam, Telugu and most recently Tamil, in addition to its exciting Hindi film slate. The studio has now partnered with actor-producer Mukesh Khanna’s Bhishma International with Brewing Thoughts Pvt Ltd (co-founded by ex-film journalists, Prashant Singh and Madhurya Vinay) to begin the work of reinventing the magic. To be. ‘Shaktimaan’, but this time for theatres. The superhero franchise is going to be directed by one of the top filmmakers in the country. It also marks the studio’s first entry into the Indian superhero space, which has already dominated the world through parent company, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

India’s most iconic superhero brand till date (shktimaan is back)

The studio also plans to draw expertise from its headquarters in Culver City, Los Angeles to provide one of the unique cinematic experiences seen in Indian cinema using the latest technology in filmmaking and post-production. Shaktimaan continues to be India’s most iconic superhero brand till date. With the studio’s global and proven track record of international prowess in creating memorable blockbuster superhero tent poles, its decision to bring back people’s superheroes is set to heat up the Indian superhero space, which has the potential to become a global success. (shktimaan is back )

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