The deadly pairing of Tabu and director Vishal Bhardwaj will soon be on Netflix

After receiving such lovely compliments from Bhardwaj that they always find a reason to work together, Tabu excitedly says, “Can I get a better compliment than Vishalji?”

Tabu’s Urdu language dialogues have very clear language, he coached the people present at the event and credits Vishal for being there for his updated diction, “Vishal is there to fix me, he’s always dubbing me.” Before we start, we will give instructions – Tabu take care of those points, take care of the points, while working with Gulzar sahab and Vishal ji, we have to live up to their demand.

Can we know more about Krishna Mehra, the character Tabu plays in the film ‘Khufia’?

Professionally, she does a good job. But what she is, is far more layered and interesting. Apart from this, a lot more is added to his character. There is a strange and strange resemblance to what she is doing and who she is? After watching the film, you will understand how all these things are related to each other.

What is the one thing in the script that attracts you to say ‘yes’ to any role?


Sahil Kothari

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