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The bride and groom were shocked to see a bottle of petrol and diesel as a gift, everyone was surprised at the wedding

Tamil Nadu | Tamilnadu Wedding: The effect of ever-increasing petrol-diesel prices in the country is clearly visible on the pockets of the common people, but now it has reached to the special gifts given to the newly married couple at the wedding. On the occasion of marriage, many types of gifts are given to the bride and groom. But in the midst of this rising inflation, a unique gift was given to the bride and groom at a wedding in Tamil Nadu. Everyone was surprised to see that.

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Everyone stunned to see a bottle full of ‘petrol-diesel’
Tamilnadu Wedding: A wedding in Cheyyur village of Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu came into limelight when the bride and groom’s friends on stage gifted a bottle filled with ‘petrol and diesel’. Seeing this sight, all the people present there were surprised and in the middle of the wedding the discussion of rising prices of ‘petrol and diesel’ started. The bride and groom were also delighted to receive this unique gift at their wedding.

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Petrol desal Price increased

Petrol and diesel prices increase by about Rs 10 in Tamil Nadu
Significantly, after the completion of the assembly elections, the prices of petrol and diesel in the country have been increasing continuously. Due to which now everyday items have become expensive. In Tamil Nadu, petrol and diesel prices have increased by around Rs 10 in the last 15 days. Oil companies are now making a dent in the pockets of the public to clear their old dues.

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