The Archaeological Department in Egypt found a 4500-year-old Sun Temple!

Findings suggest that it may belong to one of the four lost Sun Temples of the Fifth Dynasty.

Considering the Sun as omnipotent in Hindu religious texts, the worship of the Sun has been given great importance. There are many mysteries about Sun temples in the world. People have been worshiping the Sun since ancient times. Now according to the information, an ancient Sun temple has also been discovered in Egypt. An ancient sun temple has been discovered by the Department of Archeology in Egypt. This temple is 4,500 years old. Looking at its remains, it can be guessed that this structure made of raw bricks is the Sun Temple. It may be dated to the Ancient Kingdom of Egypt from 2,465 to 2323 BC. Earlier last year also the remains of the Sun Temple were found in Egypt.

Let us tell you that Italy and Poland are conducting a joint investigation operation in Egypt. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism announced the discovery on Instagram. A statement issued by the ministry said it was a joint Italian-Polish archaeological mission. Who is working on the temple of King Nusseri. The remains of a raw brick building have been found under this temple. This temple is found in the Abusir region, south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It was under the temple of King Nusseri. The ministry said the building could be one of the four missing Sun Temples of the Fifth Kingdom. It is mentioned in many historical books. The ministry states that parts of the temple building were destroyed by the sixth ruler of the fifth kingdom in his time, so that the temple could be built there. During the research, the Archaeological Department has found some pottery and beer glasses inside the building, which can help in researching it. Apart from this, some tickets have also been found inside the ground, on which the names of the kings of the fifth state have been found. In the photo, the ministry has also shown the sites where the Department of Archeology is working.

The first sun temple of the god Ra was found in the 19th century, which is considered an important discovery as it helped to understand the ancient history of Egypt. Of the six to seven temples available in the country, only two temples have been discovered. Recently, the remains of an eight thousand year old temple have also been found in Saudi Arabia. It also houses the remains of an altar used in ancient times. These symbols are believed to belong to a very ancient civilization, more than 8,500 years old. Research on these fossils is also going on. Through these remains, many broken links of history can be connected and many things can be highlighted. The Department of Archeology of Egypt also says that it can be clearly said from these remains that how ancient our civilization is. How old are our values? This shows how rich and diverse Egypt was even in ancient times. Apart from this, the history of ancient Egyptian worship tradition has also been found. It is believed that it will shed light on the four and a half thousand year old worship methods of Egypt.

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