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The amendment to residential property is to come into force in January

The appraisal draft for the amendment to the Condominium Act is available, the deadline ends this week. Included in the package: Some improvements for living together under one roof.

Changes to home ownership

This should make it easier to implement changes to your own property. An apartment owner who wants to change his apartment must obtain the consent of all other co-owners according to the existing legal situation. This is difficult in practice, especially in large residential complexes. In the future, the following applies to certain privileged changes: If you do not object within two months, you agree.

Contact addresses of the co-owners

Another hurdle is often that the person willing to make changes cannot even reach the other apartment owners with his or her consent request. This is because the addresses are not fully known. In future, the administrator should be obliged to disclose the contact addresses of the co-owners.

Simplified Community decisions

Community decisions are to be made easier. Currently, the majority of all co-ownership interests in the property is required for the community to take a decision. As more and more apartments are rented out or generally purchased as investment properties, the owners are becoming less and less involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, in future resolutions will no longer be based on the majority of the shares, but on the majority of the votes cast according to the shares.

Charging devices for electric vehicles

Furthermore, the erection of individual and communal charging devices for electric vehicles in condominiums is to be facilitated, as well as the erection of individual photovoltaic systems and the handicapped-accessible design of condominiums and the installation of burglar-proof doors. A minimum allocation to the reserve is provided.

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The amendment makes it easier to install e-charging stations and individual photovoltaic systems

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