Thailand: That is why it is necessary to obey the elders, the model eating kebab in a hurry dies of suffocation

Thailand’s model and social media star Arisara Karbdecho has finally died after battling to the death with life support equipment for two months.

The elders of the house say that food should be eaten very comfortably. Do not be hasty or hasty while eating food. Doing so can not only be harmful to health, but sometimes it can be life-threatening. Something similar happened in Thailand, where the model died in a hurry to eat. A 27-year-old model hastened to eat kebabs and rice and during this time she died of suffocation.

Let us tell you that after battling to the death with the help of life-saving equipment for two months, Thailand’s model and social media star Arisara Karbdecho has finally died. Her family and friends have confirmed the death of the model. Sirikanda Chaiburut wrote in her Facebook post that everyone who knew Arisara was upset.

The deceased model was also known as Arisara Ellis and has more than 1.5 million followers on her Instagram. She gained popularity by sharing her photos on Instagram. About two months ago, this model was eating kebabs in a hurry. During this, a piece of kebab meat got stuck in his throat, due to which he suffocated. Thereafter he was immediately taken to the hospital. The woman died after two months of struggle. In this regard, doctors say that when Alice was brought to the hospital, her brain did not get breath and she became brain dead. If he had been brought only 9 minutes earlier, it might have been a different matter. Arisara made her last post on Instagram just days before the tragic incident happened to her in March. Little did he know that on this post his fans would be seen paying tribute to him.

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