Test Records: These 5 bowlers never ate six, explosive batsmen also used to play carefully

Ultimate Test Records: Nowadays in Test cricket, batsmen fearlessly send the balls across the boundary. There are some players who show a game like T20 even in Test cricket. Then there are players like Sehwag who hit a straight six, not just one or two runs to complete a double century. The rain of sixes in test matches has become normal now but there was a time when the batsman used to be afraid of the bowlers and he used to think a hundred times before hitting a six. However, even in a long Test career, a bowler used to get a six at some point or the other. Still, there have been some bowlers who have been an exception to this. These are the bowlers who played Tests for a long time but never hit a six. Here we are talking about those Test bowlers who have bowled at least 5000 balls in Test cricket but never hit a six. See list..

1. Keith Miller: This great all-rounder of Australia made his Test debut in 1946. He took 170 wickets in 55 Test matches with a bowling average of 22.97. In his Test career, he bowled 10461 balls but did not hit a six even once.

2. Neil Hawke: Neil Hawke of Australia made his Test debut against England in 1963. He took 91 wickets in 27 Test matches with a bowling average of 29.41. His 6987 balls never hit any six.

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3. Mudassar Nazar: This Pakistani player played 76 Test matches for his team from 1976-89. He bowled 5967 balls in his Test career and took 66 wickets but never hit a six in his balls.

4. Mahmood Hussain: Mahmood Hussain was a Pakistani player who made his Test debut against India in 1952. This player took 68 wickets in 27 Test matches with a bowling average of 38.84. He bowled 5910 balls in his Test career but no batsman could hit a six on his balls.

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5. Derek Pringle: This English bowler bowled 5287 balls in 30 test matches but never hit a six. Pringle took 70 wickets in Test cricket with a bowling average of 35.70.


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