Test of harmony: Khargone failed Bhopal pass…

Bhopal, From Gudi Padwa to Ram Navami and Shri Hanuman Janmotsav in 2022, the stories of violence and peace that happened, the incidents that happened, tell if the security agencies and their inputs are strong, the police-administration is strict, then even Parinda cannot kill. The people of India are very smart. She works by looking at the intention of the government and the attitude of the rulers. Otherwise, the police-administration in the sensitive, burning Khargone case of riots, was there any child drinking milk. He was careless, mischievous elements understood that there is a hand in violence. So the police kept sleeping and the rioters kept burning the city. After that, the administration and the government became strict, then with the arrests, bulldozers started running on the houses. Now let’s talk about encroachment and illegal construction.

To prevent illegal construction and encroachment, there is a whole army in the municipality and municipal corporations with anti-encroachment squads, city planners and their huge salary allowances. Is all this a double-edged team of corruption and week recovery? Everyone is waiting for the bulldozer of dismissal on this team and their officers who have committed the crime of illegal construction and encroachment. The country’s iron, cement, ballast, sand and labor are also involved in illegal construction. When it is broken it is also the loss of the country. The officers responsible for this should be put behind bars by registering treason cases. There is a similar story till the capital Bhopal. If the government is waking up, then this little thing needs to be understood a lot.

Congratulations to Bhopal Administration, Police Commissioner and his team for maintaining peace due to Khargone violence and Nimar-Malwa tension and best wishes for this brotherhood to continue in future. Five days of hard work, meeting coordination and coordination with leaders of more than five hundred different classes and sects. Resolving mutual objections. There should be no clash between the time of Nawaz, Azaan and Roza Aftari in the Shobha Yatra. Conditional permission for DJ playing and a procession. Lesson from the mistake that happened in Khargone. Closing the streets with barricades. This included clearing stones from the streets.
The entire route of the procession was kept under drone surveillance. After that, all the work was completed peacefully. Home Minister Narottam Mishra, whose image was spoiled by Khargone, was saved from being completely washed away by the Bhopal police and administration. The Director General of Police has also given important advice to the police captains to contact the intelligence police once a day and take action on their inputs. Terrorists are caught in checking vehicles in Rajasthan and their wires connect to Ratlam in MP. People of Bangladeshi terrorist organization are caught preparing sleeper cells near Aishbagh police station in Bhopal. This matter is very big and it is surprising that Bhopal Police was not even aware of it. This is a failure of total intelligence.

In such a situation, the police need to work deeply and continuously with seriousness in Malwa-Nimar and Bhopal. Basically Bhopali culture and character is of liveliness and talkativeness. He gets deluded in the affair of throwing long. In such a situation, if the policing is strict and surveillance of the people coming to the city, search of vehicles, search operations in suspicious people and areas, then gangs associated with crime and terror will tie up the sacks. The nature of Bhopalis is that they cannot survive fighting and fighting for a long time. That is why the pulse of those who spread segregation and violence here for a long time does not melt.

Just the faith of the government should remain high. Brotherhood is decided by the political leaders and their parties. Whether it is Khargone or Bhopal violence and peace and harmony in the state, case studies can be done here. In the national context it can be understood as follows. For example, from removal of Article 370 in Kashmir to ban on triple talaq and after the election results of Uttar Pradesh, peace and harmony shows that the government is strict, the administration is alert and the police is active, then there is unity among the people and there is brotherhood too.

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