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Terence Lewis touched Nora Fatehi in the wrong place in front of everyone, the actress gave such a reaction

The video of Nora Fatehi touching the wrong place created panic on social media. This video was very much discussed.

New Delhi: It often happens to actresses that they become victims of Oops Moment. Sometimes she has to face because of this oops moment dress, and sometimes her video also comes in the discussion due to getting her hands in the wrong place in the shows. Something similar has happened with Nora Fatehi as well. A long time ago Nora Fatehi went to a reality show where a person touched her at the wrong place. At that time this video was very much on social media.

Terence Lewis was misplaced

In the video you will see that Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis are seen on the stage. In the video, Geeta Kapoor is standing in the front, followed by Nora Fatehi and Terence Lewis a little behind her. These three are bowing down and bowing to someone with folded hands. Meanwhile, Terence Lewis accidentally gets his hand on Nora’s back. After which this video had set social media on fire.

Something similar happened with Urvashi Rautela too

This is not the first time that only Nora Fatehi has faced such an accident. Apart from Nora, the video of such an accident of Urvashi Rautela went viral. Urvashi had gone to a party. In which Boney Kapoor was next to him. By mistake, Boney Kapoor’s hand fell on Urvashi’s back. This video was also in the headlines at that time. Although the reaction of the actress also came after this video.

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