Tennis: When a small child was injured by the player’s racket during the match, then this happened…!

A Romanian player injures a child who came to watch a match with his racket at the French Open court

It is very common for players to get angry on the field of play. You must have seen this often. We hear about such incidents on the tennis courts too. Something similar happened at the French Open court, where the women’s singles match was going on between Begu of Romania and Alexandrova of Russia. What happened in the second round of the third set of this match probably should not have happened. A Romanian player injured a child who had come to watch the match with his racket.

Let us tell you that the world’s 63rd ranked player Begu did not do this intentionally but in anger. His action frightened the small child in the audience line. However, after realizing his mistake, Begu apologized to the child. In fact, Begu got a little angry after she lost a break point in the third set against the Russian tennis star. Angrily, he threw his racket on the court. But it jumped up and hit the head of a small child sitting in the audience. After this incident, the Romanian player has apologized. He said that he had no such intention. They said. I did not know that it would reach the audience with so much jumping. “I’ve never done anything like this in my career,” Begu said.

Talking about the match, this match was won by Romanian player Begu. She defeated 30th seed Alexandrova of Russia 6-7 (3) 6-3 6-4. After this victory, Begu has now reached the third stage. Her next match will be against wild card entry Leolia Jin-jin at the French Open.

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