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Airtel Black Launch: The world has slowly started coming out of the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown. But the new normal has made its way and we know that life can never be the same now. However, technology proved to be the most helpful for us in very difficult times. Due to this, not only did people change the way they work and study, but they also stayed connected with their family and friends. It was not easy for people to shift to virtual space on a large scale in such a short time. Good connectivity with excellent hardware made this path easy for the users. So what were the trends that made it possible for people to move towards the new normal in the last one year?

Hybrid Working Solution
Due to the restrictions of the lockdown, most of the companies adopted work from home only. Which meant that you have to stay and work in the same place. The desk at home replaced the traditional work place. But platforms with video conferencing ensured that the team not only worked together, but also came up with new ideas, strategies and no hindrance in the progress of the work. Considering the change brought about by working from home, many companies have offered better facilities to their users. like we airtel new offers airtel black Let’s see.

This offer includes DTH, Postpaid and fiber connection The work of aggregating the bills into a single bill has reduced the burden of payment of multiple bills. Under this offer, the company provided a dedicated relationship manager team to its users and tried to solve the problems on priority. In this way, all the problems were tried to be fixed as soon as possible and the time taken on them was reduced. Not only this, users were also offered to join Airtel Black Plan at zero cost without any extra cost through website and thanks app.

hassle free digitization
The restrictions of the lockdown pushed users to choose easy options to buy household goods and medicines. Due to this the demand for e-commerce platforms, supermarkets, delivery apps has increased a lot. Due to the change in the habits of the people, the business model shifted towards online, due to which even the local grocery stores started joining the setup like e-store. Along with this, digital payment, net banking and UPI became the priority of the people due to easier and more convenience. It doesn’t look like this model is going to change anytime soon.

Remote health care system in the era of social distancing
Medical professionals and frontline staff have been at the forefront of fighting against the pandemic. Video calls and telephones helped reduce the extra burden on hospitals. Online consultation and delivery of medicine played a vital role in making treatment easier for people. This method proved to be safe for both the patient and the doctors.

Entertainment options at home
At such times it became impossible to go out and watch the film and due to this OTT platforms got an opportunity to increase their audience by introducing new content. With the upgrade in technology, streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar have provided good downloading and streaming service of their content to a large number of people. Huge growth was also seen in the world of online gaming. The average time of online gaming in India increased from 2.5 per hour to 4.1 per hour. better smartphone with better speed Internet Thanks to this, this field will continue to grow.

The pandemic forced crores of school and university students to remain locked up at home. But those who had the support of internet connectivity with good hardware continued their studies in online mode. The demand for tech platforms related to education also increased and they invented new ways to share knowledge with the help of virtual classes. The ever-increasing reliance on the online system also gave an option for people to bring new ideas to mind. No one knows how long online learning in remote mode will continue, but it has proved to be a better option for most, whether it is academic or to enhance new skills in their talent. In the last 20 months, these trends have progressed very fast and they are going to continue for a long time. It will be interesting to see what new trends tie in with it and how quickly we can adapt to them.



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