Tata Nano: Ratan Tata shares the story of making this ‘common man’s car’

Ratan Tata told why the matter of making nano came in his mind, Ratan Tata himself shared the whole story of its creation on his Instagram account

Ratan Tata was recently gifted an electric Tata Nano But now Tata Nano is once again in discussion, because Ratan Tata himself has shared the whole story of its creation on his Instagram account. Ratan Tata, Honorary Chairman of the Tata Group, wrote a beautiful post sharing a picture of the launch of the Nano. Ratan Tata wrote in his post, “I constantly see Indian families traveling on scooters, mostly with a boy sitting like a sandwich between mother and father.”

They often lived like this on slippery roads. Here was the main reason that inspired and motivated me to make this kind of car (Nano). He further wrote that he got the benefit of studying in the School of Architecture. I could try to work on new types of designs. The idea was initially to make the two-wheeler safer. Made a design for it which was a four wheeler but had no doors and windows, but in the end I decided it would be a car.

Nano cars have always been made for all of us. The Tata Nano, popularly known as the Lakhtakia car or the common man’s car, was launched by the company on February 10, 2008. It was designed as per the BS-III standard of that time. It also got a 624cc 2-cylinder petrol engine and a 4-speed gearbox. The company has launched it in 3 variants. The company had kept its initial price at Rs 1 lakh.

The last unit of Tata Nano was produced in the year 2019. It was (Nano) Ratan Tata’s dream project, but it did not achieve its target. It had several milestones in its journey of build and degradation, including the story of the relocation of a factory in Singur, Bengal to Sanand, Gujarat, and the increasing number of fires in Nano. Not only this, many experts believe that Nano was also involved in the departure of Cyrus Mistry from Tata Sons.

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