Tarun Tej: An Experienced Tech Journalist Becomes A Major Influencer

I bet after reading the heading, most people must be wondering that now how did this happen? It is simpler than you think and more motivating than most Instagram influencers at this point of time. Actually, not everyone has a lot to offer to the world and contribute to the society. We’re not disagreeing the fact that beauty and personality are great things to look up to but other qualities that are going to help out people in times of need are something appreciated by almost all members of the society. Tarun Tej, the well known journalist and tech Expert. He has used his skills to write down as many reviews as possible. Currently, he has around five years of knowledge and experience in the field of journalism because he has been working with a technology magazine that features his work on a daily basis over

TarunTej was born on 21st July, in Hyderabad, India. As a child, he was fast learner and keen on achieving his dreams instead of passing his time on aimless leisure.Most teenagers are not really goal oriented and think that life is all about enjoyment, but for turn, following his dreams was the most joyful thing. It is really a wonder that how focused he has been throughout, and has managed to figure out his career path after passing his school. His intellectual development was very unique, and his personality had such aspects that it attracted other people. They have always looked up to him as a motivational force, because both his personality as well as his work spoke for themselves. He has some really charted out strategies that have come to use in dire times of need. For example, he knew very well that he needs to have a professional course somewhere so he went along with a bachelors degree in Hospitality Management. Moreover, Tarun also understands the importance of experience. He has worked alongside a number of things, one of them being the front office Department in Trident hotels. Apart from writing, he is also interested in top tier photography, making his way into magazines too.

Let’s have a look at the publications/pages where TarunTej’s work have been featured:

  • (Senior Editor for the Technology Magazine)
  • Android Jungles
  • DroidJournal
  • DroidViews

There are obviously more pages but these are some of the most popular ones.

TarunTej stands to be one of the most popular influencers these days. But, how did he manage to get it all done at such a young age? Probably mind mapping, learning and a lot of planning. The common man has a lot of learn from him. “And I still have a lot of learn. This is just the beginning” says Tarun. Check out his featured works and add yourself to his list of admirers.


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