Target to end HIV and AIDS by 2030

Patna Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey described awareness as important to prevent HIV and AIDS and said that the target of the Central and State Governments is to eliminate HIV and AIDS from the state by 2030.

While addressing the annual award distribution function cum media sensitization program of Bihar State AIDS Control Committee here on Wednesday, Pandey said that awareness is important to prevent HIV and AIDS. The Health Department is continuing its efforts for its prevention and treatment. The central and state government aims to eliminate HIV and AIDS from Bihar by 2030. The number of victims has come down in the last two years.

The Minister said that people should not hesitate to seek treatment for HIV and AIDS. With proper diagnosis and treatment at the right time, the person not only gets proper treatment but also leads a healthy and useful long life. The Health Department is serious about the disease like AIDS to provide healthy life to such people and every necessary work is being done. The more we are successful in preventing it, the more we will be able to get rid of the disease. There should be an open discussion about this, especially among the youth. At the same time, the HIV champion will have to come forward with this and give confidence to the society so that the confidence of the infected can increase about such a disease.

Arti Raturi

Arti Raturi is a Senior Journalist at
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